Lost Effects

Lost Effects

Over the years some of the special effects that were designed into the original Tower of Terror have stopped working for one reason or another. Listed below are these effects and what they were.

A violin sound was added for the "Tower of Terror 2" profile. You would hear this high-pitched screeching sound as the elevator made its way to the top before the final plunge. The doors would open and you could hear it in the queue outside. The violin sound is still there, however its only there for certain drop profiles.

There was a telephone that would ring in the Lobby and the bellhop in front of the library would answer it and have a "conversation" with one of the hotel guests. They were all very humorous and mostly pre-scripted. This was a great way to entertain the guests for the 3 minutes or so they had to wait in the lobby before going into the library. This was scrapped when fastpass was installed, since with fastpass, there is almost never a pause long enough to add this touch of performance themeing. Click here to view the script from this lost effect.

Sparks would shoot from the Tower. The sparking would shoot down from one of the letters in HOLLYWOOD TOWER every once in a while at night. It was a nice touch. It is speculated the reason this effect was discontinued was for financial reasons as well as the potential to spark a fire in the foliage below.

Water drip: The boiler room used to have a low-level of fog on the floor as well as water dripping from the cieling in one area. I am told that this just caused mold/mildew problems, so it was cancelled.

In the 5th Dimension scene, there are enclosed areas on either side (behind glass) that used to be filled with smoke to add to the spooky effect. This was stopped because the smoke would leak out and interfere with the sensors on the ride vehicle.

When you entered the 5th Dimension scene you'll see an eyeball on the left side that has a photo of a ride vehicle with guests inside. It used to take a snapshot of your vehicle showing your group in the eye as you passed by it. It was discontinued due to guests making obscene gestures at the camera.