Twilight Zone References

Props located throughout the hotel recall specific episodes of The Twilight Zone television series. These are not actual props used in the television series but faithfully reproduced replicas.

Holding Area (Ouside of Library in glass fronted display cases )

A Gold Thimble - "The After Hours" - starring Anne Francis as a woman who has forgotten that she is not actually a human being but a department store mannequin.The golden thimble is found on both sides before entering the library. It’s labeled as “looking for a gift for mother? This episode is also unique because it goes to a floor non extant such as tower going to the 13th floor.
A Broken Stopwatch - "A Kind of a Stopwatch" - a watch that could actually stop time.
Note on message board about a guest complaining about having lost a watch that is broken - "A Kind of a Stopwatch"
Door with the number 22 on it in front of the out-of-order elevater doors in the lobby - "22"

The Library

A Pair of Broken Spectacles -"Time Enough at Last" - Burgess Meredith is Henry Bemis, a near-sighted bookworm and the sole survivor of a devastating war.
Two White Envelopes containing 1/4" audiotape, labeled "Victoria West" and "Rod Serling" - "A World of His Own" - Writer, Gregory West (Keenan Wynn), uses his dictation machine to bring his creations to life.
A Trumpet - "Passage for Trumpet" - Jack Klugman is Joey Crown, a trumpet player contemplating suicide, who is saved by another trumpet player, Gabriel.
Miniature Spaceman - "The Invaders"- Agnes Moorhead is a woman beset by tiny creatures that turn out to be the crew of a spaceship from Earth.
The Mystic Seer - "Nick of Time"- In a roadside diner, a fortune telling machine torments Don (William Shatner) and Pat Carter (Patricia Breslin).
Book titles - episode titles from the Twilight Zone series appear on the bindings of a matched set of volumes.
A black book with a note on it - "To Serve Man" - There is a folder with a file card on it that may or may not say "To Serve Man." It is from the episode of the same name starring Richard Kiel (JAWS from the James Bond movies) as a race of 9-foot tall beings from another planet. They try to become friends of ours, accidentally dropping the folder, then a government agent decodes their language only to find the book to be a cookbook.
Footage of Rod Serling on introductory video - "It's a Good Life"
Shakespeare's Bust - "The Bard" - There is a bust of William Shakespeare in Library 1.
Twilight Zone Episode Scripts - In both libraries, you will find on the bookshelves a stack of books that have on the bindings names of Episodes of the Twilight Zone.

Boiler Room

The Boiler Room contains a notepad with the cryptic rhyme:
"It's easy enough to be pleasant,
When life hums a long like a song.
But the man worth while,
Is the man who can smile,
When everything goes dead wrong."
Chalk Marks on the Wall - "Little Girl Lost" - This design indicates a doorway into another dimension.
Voice of little girl can be heard through the static of the radio on the workbench (Boiler room) - "Little Girl Lost"
Copies of Popular Mechanics on workbench in boiler room - "I Sing the Body Electric"


"Modern Wonders" store front along the exit corridor (image capture display area):
Red Toy Telephone - "Long Distance Call" - Five-year-old Billy Bayles (Billy Mumy) uses his toy telephone to talk to his dead grandmother.
Box Camera - "A Most Unusual Camera" - A camera photographs the future.
Self typing typwriter with the message "Get out of here, Finchley." - "A Thing About Machines"- Bartlett Finchley (Richard Haydn) hates machines and the feeling is mutual. His typewriter spells out "Get out of here, Finchley" all by itself.
Electric Razor - "A Thing About Machines"- Barlett Finchley's razor rises up like a snake and pursues him.
Antique Radio - "Static"- An old radio tunes in programs from the past.
Slot Machine - "The Fever" - This is from an episode called "The Fever" where the slot machine talks to the man playing it, and taunts him.

Other Twilight Zone References

Anthony Fremont Orchestra poster (Image Capture Area) -
"It's a Good Life"- This is an oblique reference to the character of Anthony Freemont (Billy Mumy), a five year old boy who terrorized the town of Peaksville, Ohio, with the power of his mind. Anthony liked music, but did not like singing. Singers were sent to "the cornfield." This is found both in DCA and MGM towers. MGM’s is right next to the concierge desk where as DCA’s one is at the exit (right across the picture screens). This Twilight Zone artifact displays Anthony Fremont and his orchestra playing at the top of the Tip Top Club. This comes from the little boy Anthony Fremont from “It’s a Good Life” episode of the Twilight Zone. The Tip Top Club is found at the top of the tower, which would be the exclusive celebrity clubs of today. This episode is also displayed in the video in the pre-show area also
Willoughby Travel (Shop name, Image Capture Area) - "A Stop At Willoughby"- A harried commuter finds comfort in the small town of Willoughby.
"Picture if You Will" (Purchasing counter for Image Capture Photos) - One of Rod Serling's famous catch phrases, from his opening narration.
Cadwallader (Signature on Elevator Inspection Certificate, Ride Vehicle) - "Escape Clause" - Walter Bedeker (David Wayne) makes a deal with the devil, who calls himself Mr. Cadwallader (Thomas Gomez).