A world of his own

Episode: "A World of His own"

Episode title: “A World of His Own” Original Air-date: 7/1/60
Opening narration: “The home of Mr. Gregory West, one of America’s most noted playwrights. The office of Mr. Gregory West. Mr. Gregory West-shy, quiet, and at the moment very happy. Mary-warm, affectionate…And the final ingredient- Mrs. Gregory West.”

In this episode Gregory West is able to create anything he whishes by simply talking into his dictation machine. His creations can be made to disappear by simply burning the tape. In an argument with his wife, Victoria West, she grabs the envelope with her name on it, and throws it into the fire. She then disappears. This was the last episode of the first season, and the first time Rod Serling appeared in front of the camera. As a final joke Rod says, “We hope you enjoyed tonight’s romantic story on The Twilight Zone. At the same time, we want you to realize that it was, of course, purely fictional. In real life, such ridiculous nonsense-” Gregory West breaks in and says, “Rod, you shouldn’t!” “I mean, you shouldn’t say such things as ‘nonsense’ and ‘ridiculous’!” He then pulls out an envelope with Rod Serling’s name on it, and tosses it into the fire. Serling responds with, “Well that’s the way it goes,” and disappears.

Closing Narration: Leaving Mr. Gregory West, still shy, quiet, very happy-and apparently in complete control of the Twilight Zone.”